Having struggled with a WordPress site and forking out money regularly for a plugin to enable online purchasing, NACSA were after a simpler and cheaper way to do things. I was tasked with creating a new website with a similar design to the old one, but that was far easier to use and didn't have annual costs for online purchases. I created a new responsive website with a fully custom content management system that makes making changes to the site really easy. I also integrated it with PayPal to allow them to take payments for items and membership.

You taught me a very valuable lesson - don't waste time and energy on something you have no knowledge about - just find an expert and let them handle it. The end of the stress and tears after you had taken over the site, made me adopt that mantra for everything else I used to try and deal with. My "business" life is soooooo much smoother now. I can focus on the stuff I do know about, and not worry about the stuff I don't. I always sing your praises whenever someone mentions the website!
Michelle, NACSA
  • Node.js
  • Handlebars/Mustache
  • SCSS
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Custom CMS
  • MySQL
  • Custom Design